Posted by: HighBuddies-Jay
March 13, 2012

Today Highbuddies celebrates its official 1 Year since launch! Working side by side with Mike Tucker has been truly a great life experience and I look forward to working many many more years. We have some big plans for the upcoming year but SHHHH they are secret! ( we will probably get high and slowly leak the info haha). We at HighBuddies would like to thank all our friends and fans for supporting us through this adventure, WE COULDN'T of done it without ANY OF YOU!


Posted by: HighBuddies-Jay
January 09, 2012

We are proud to announce that High Buddies, a comic series for enthusiasts, launched its 100th comic today. The founders, Mike Tucker and Jason Mainella are delighted their creation has reached so many people and generated a great deal of positive feedback on social media networks in such a short period of time. The comic was even recognized by popular publications The Art of Mary Jane and the 420Times, which first featured the comic in a special issue with music artist Wiz Khalifa. High Buddies continues to work with these publications as a unique comic for each edition.

The High Buddies team was also busy this year releasing a unique line of clothing based on the comic characters across Canada and the United States. The collection was distributed to over 400 stores across Canada and the United States with the help of High Times Canada. As a result of their newfound success, a hard copy of the comic will be created of all 100 strips in full color, which will be made available for sale on the website soon.

We would like to thank the public for all the support and we look forward to delivering the world with more unique content in 2012!



Posted by: miketucker
January 04, 2012


As prophesied 2012 marks the 100th High Buddies web comic strip. "Big deal", you might say.. "talk to me when your at a thousand". That is all well and good... and trust me now I'd love to have the opportunity to keep going with the webcomic. However this company likes to push the limits of getting the product out there. So this new year we are committed to focus on seeing "High Buddies" in print. We want you guys to own a hard copy of all the comic strips collected into a bound full color edition. We also want to see HB in in new adventures specifically for print in their own comics / graphic novels. January 9th will be the last HB webcomic for the foreseeable future. Production of the property will continue. Cyber Relief (our parent company) is a publishing house, they have some big ideas. We will continue with new content here on the highbudies.com site too... I'll keep y'all updated on our behind the scenes as we take the printing era of HB on. 

Thanks to everybody that has been supportive to us in the media and to those that have helped us behind the scenes, that are still around and those that have come and gone. And Plus thanks to Jason Mainella, who generated the seed of this initial idea of a cartoon of buds of weed who get stoned.

Thank you everybody, we'll talk in my detail in the coming week. Happiness + Love.

- Mike Tucker

Posted by: miketucker
January 02, 2012

An honest PSA from the '70's ...


Posted by: miketucker
December 24, 2011

Happy Highladays! from all of us at HighBuddies.com!

Highladay Cookies

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November 22, 2011

Thanks is given to those who continue to support the "High Buddies" comic strips here for the last few months. We'd like to give you some insiders knowledge as to how you beloved weed comic gets to your screen three times a week. So here is a vintage newspaper information film to help illustrate this from 1937 ...


Posted by: miketucker
November 14, 2011

I planted the seed for the "Free Serious Joint" story line, way back HERE. And it sorta took a while to get back to it. In the new story line starting this Monday. 

Free Serious Joint!

Thank you guys for all your support in helping to free one of our characters from being persecuted for being what he is. And when you encounter a giant joint on the street give him or her a hug! Thank You.

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November 05, 2011

I swiped this from the desk of indie-film producer and weed activist Melissa Balin.


I hope this finds you well!  This weekend marks the 15 year Anniversary of Proposition 215 aka The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 for Medical Marijuana being voted in by the State of California!  LA City Council members Paul Koretz, Bill Rosendahl & Eric Garcetti have signed a proclamation commending co-author, Dennis Peron for his LGBT and Medical Marijuana civil rights activism resulting in making Los Angeles a better city in which to live; and he will be in attendance to receive this honor on the steps of LA City Hall South Lawn on November 5th & 6th!



If you are interested in speaking or performing at this auspicious occasion to honor Dennis Peron, as well as celebrating 15 years of freedom fighting for the rights we voted for in 1996, please e-mail me (your emcee) directly or send an e-mail to stayoccupied@gmail.com


The event has been widely publicized (http://youtu.be/Cf1DNWx8HvM) and will take place from High Noon until 7pm on both days!  "Highlights" will include a speech by Dennis Peron, Richard Eastman & Kim Quiggle at 2:15pm with a March back & forth to the Federal building, a moment of silence in honor of fallen or incarcerated Freedom Fighters at 4:19 pm & some good old-fashioned civil disobedience at 4:20pm! 


Looking forward to seeing everyone!


High Regards,

Melissa "white chocolate" Balin


Posted by: miketucker
October 23, 2011

High everybody, here is our official Halloday card! Be sure to pass it along! And Thanks to all of you who has supported me a Jason's adventure with this comic and site for the past 3 years. The 100th comic strip will be here before you know it. It's up to you to make it known to us to make more comics in the future!

Halloween Card

Posted by: miketucker
October 16, 2011

The Greenhouse gang is back again on the hunt! Check out this series of docs they are very well made.


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