A Hunderd
Posted by: miketucker
January 04, 2012


As prophesied 2012 marks the 100th High Buddies web comic strip. "Big deal", you might say.. "talk to me when your at a thousand". That is all well and good... and trust me now I'd love to have the opportunity to keep going with the webcomic. However this company likes to push the limits of getting the product out there. So this new year we are committed to focus on seeing "High Buddies" in print. We want you guys to own a hard copy of all the comic strips collected into a bound full color edition. We also want to see HB in in new adventures specifically for print in their own comics / graphic novels. January 9th will be the last HB webcomic for the foreseeable future. Production of the property will continue. Cyber Relief (our parent company) is a publishing house, they have some big ideas. We will continue with new content here on the highbudies.com site too... I'll keep y'all updated on our behind the scenes as we take the printing era of HB on. 

Thanks to everybody that has been supportive to us in the media and to those that have helped us behind the scenes, that are still around and those that have come and gone. And Plus thanks to Jason Mainella, who generated the seed of this initial idea of a cartoon of buds of weed who get stoned.

Thank you everybody, we'll talk in my detail in the coming week. Happiness + Love.

- Mike Tucker

Posted By: thebulldog
04/01/2012 14:43
I have been hoping for a collection in print. Consider this one guaranteed purchase! excellent news.

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A must need in every stoners wallet...
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September 14, 2011

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