Has it been 1 year already?
Posted by: HighBuddies-Jay
March 13, 2012

Today Highbuddies celebrates its official 1 Year since launch! Working side by side with Mike Tucker has been truly a great life experience and I look forward to working many many more years. We have some big plans for the upcoming year but SHHHH they are secret! ( we will probably get high and slowly leak the info haha). We at HighBuddies would like to thank all our friends and fans for supporting us through this adventure, WE COULDN'T of done it without ANY OF YOU!


Posted By: HighBuddies-Jay
14/03/2012 07:09
Thank you Bulldog, appreciate all the support! :)
Posted By: thebulldog
13/03/2012 13:49
Happy Birthday HighBuddies and thanks for all the awesome comics and laughs!

Peace and Love,

The Bulldog

Has it been 1 year already?
March 13, 2012

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