The daughter of Earl and Maggie, Skank Schwag has an eye for the "fellers". Proof being that all of her young sprouts that tend to be around, without a father to be seen. In fact we do not know how many sprouts that Skank may have.
Maggie Schwag is the "Me-Maw" of the Schwag clan. She can cook up a storm for even the worst of munchies.
A trucker from New York City, "NYC" is proud of his "Big Apple" home, and let's everybody know it, where ever his big rig takes him all up and down "Highway 420"
The eldest of the Schwag clan of the Smoky Mount., Earl Schwag is a distant cousin of Andy Indica.
Dale Schwag is Earl's oldest as-well-as the biggest, and well... let's just say he still has a lot of learning to do about many things...
Smoking cannons fit for a pirate ship, happily vaporizing his herbs, and making the executive decision whether to go for pizza or burgers.
Ripping bong tokes that would make the 60s blush. Blissfully melting into couches and devouring every Pop Tart and Dorito within reach.
Blasting the most potent herb allowable by the laws of science through his trusty pipe, coming up with countless stoned revelations with his old buddy Dr. Hydro.
Debunking all that bogus anti-marijuana propaganda that gets thrown your way. Rallying stoners together worldwide to fight for their ultimate goal, legalization!
Smoking ridiculously huge bats that get him so stoned, even he can't understand what the hell he's talking about half the time. Sensi-Mon is an iron-lunged veteran.
Burning Bob Marley-caliber blunts while jamming out in his smoke-filled studio vibing to the hottest new beats.
Forging lasting friendships between people and and inanimate objects, turning the sky purple and making your a day an overall magical experience.
Trying to keep his patience while blitzed-out, indecisive stoners make the pain-staking decision of which flavour of Doritos to buy in his munchie-filled convenience store.
Surfing, smoking, chilling. Born and bred in Hawaian soil, it's no wonder Mauwie Wowie knows how to live the life of the ultimate laid-back stoner.
Being that guy who got wayyy too high and forgot how to piece together a coherent sentence. ICE is in a constant struggle to regain his composure.
Having super-high epiphanies that allow him to concoct some of the most potent, THC-saturated chronic to ever touch a pair of lungs.
Being as sweet and charming as a honey-dipped blunt. Ms. Bubblegum is enthusiastic, peppy, and always looks for the positive no matter how thoroughly blazed she gets.
Baking the most potent weed cookies known to man in her smoke-filled kitchen as she rocks out to The Doors and reminisces about how baked she was at Woodstock.
Being that chilled-out stoner dad that everyone would love to call their own. Stan Sativa has been battling the good fight for marijuana legalization since the days of Hendrix.

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