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[1] Intro
Highbuddies Andy Indica and Steve Sativa introduce themselves to stoners around the world!
[2] Crossbreed
Steve Sativa convinces Andy Indica they should try some cross-breed smoking.
[3] Grocery
Steve Sativa and Andy Indica take a stoned trip to the grocery store to load up on munchies, and quickly devour them all.
[4] Keys
A blazed Andy Indica searches high and low for his keys, only to find they were in his hand the whole time.
[5] Pigs
Andy Indica and Steve Sativa decide to smoke a huge joint on the street and getting thrown in jail by the police!
[6] Dr. Hydro
After running out of weed, Andy Indica and Steve Sativa pay a visit to their friend Dr. Hydro, a true marijuana mastermind who offers them his latest potent concoction.
[7] Sensimon
Steve Sativa and Andy Indica go see their Jamaican friend Sensimon, who gets them extremely high with huge joints and bong hits.
[8] Proff
Worried about memory problems, Steve Sativa and Andy Indica pay a visit to Professor Haze. The Professor gives the High Buddies advice on how to fix their problem, which of course they quickly forget.
[9] Door
Andy Indica has trouble getting out of the house to go to a job interview, because he keeps forgetting things he needs! Eventually he ends up smoking a joint and forgets to go to the interview altogether.
[10] Shotgun
Like true stoners, Andy Indica and Steve Sativa argue over who will have to get up off the couch to pay for the pizza they just ordered.
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